Building with products that are safe for all species through time.

The intent of the Materials Petal is to help create a materials economy that is non-toxic, ecologically restorative, and transparent.

– From the Living Building Challenge Standard

We are inspired by:

  • Regenerative ecosystems, where materials circulate in closed loops of use, growth and decay.
  • The compost pile on our original campus, where food waste from our programs is transformed into usable, nutrient-rich soil.
  • Our Appalachian home and the time-honored traditions of building and crafting with natural materials.

Our approach:

We strive to uncover the sources of our materials, ensuring they align with our commitment to a non-toxic, restorative materials economy.

Our methods include:

  • Using salvaged and locally-sourced materials whenever possible, including harvesting a limited amount of lumber from our second campus land.
  • Building with Declare label or Living Product Challenge certified products that avoid using toxic chemicals or those listed on the Red List.
  • Providing dedicated infrastructure for the collection of recyclables and compostable food scraps.

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