We plan to show what is possible when we build with intention – when we build places that inspire connection.

We’re Following Nature’s Example.

We’re creating a future where buildings mimic nature to actively restore the environment. Unlike most modern buildings, buildings will not be extractive but will participate positively in a regenerative cycle of resources.

Explore the Living Building Challenge

The Living Building Challenge is an ambitious performance-based certification that promotes sustainability and equitable practices. It not only examines the materials used while building the campus, but requires that we continue to meet specific standards for energy production, water usage, and access to nature once the building is occupied. It will take, at minimum, a year after construction is completed to receive our certification. Check out the Living Building Challenge Standard.

Because we are building an education center as a living building, we’ll use the process and building designs as teaching tools for industry professionals. We will put the campus’s infrastructure on display so all guests can see how our innovative systems operate, opening new possibilities for the types of curriculum we can teach.

The Living Building Challenge requires that buildings address seven key focus areas, referred to as “petals.” Each petal contains many subcomponents, which we must address to receive certification. Explore the imperatives and how we plan to address them in the links below.

Explore the Living Building Challenge imperatives with our teacher naturalists. Select a topic below to learn more.