We’re showing – and teaching – what’s possible.


Our mission is education.

We’ve always been in the business of helping people see new possibilities in the world – now, we’re extending our work to the built environment.

Our second campus is ambitious, implementing design and technology not yet seen in our region. We will measure our success in our ability to educate through every aspect of the design, construction, and operation. We began by pairing an architecture firm experienced in Living Buildings with a talented local firm, who had yet to develop their knowledge of what it means to meet the ambitious design standards. This results in the increased knowledge base in our region and translates those skills into future projects in East Tennessee.

Because we’re an education center, we’re not just showing what’s possible – we’re learning alongside others and teaching people how to do it.

At Tremont, we know that true transformation extends beyond the boundaries of our campus. We are dedicated to fostering positive change not only within our immediate community but also across the entire region we call home.

Through collaborative efforts with local partners, forward-thinking architects, and industry innovators, we’re not just constructing a physical space – we’re constructing a sustainable future.

The environment and how we care for it is emerging as a vital focus on every front. We are perfectly and uniquely positioned to meet the urgent needs arising in a rapidly changing world, guiding the focus toward a prosperous economy that protects the planet and promotes healthy, happy, and better-connected communities. We are dedicated to fostering positive change not only within our immediate community but also across the entire region we call home. Our second campus will serve as a model for a joyful future that is not only sustainable, but regenerative.

Our commitment to the Living Building Challenge will serve as a beacon of progress, inspiring others to join us on this journey of innovation and ecological stewardship. We will demonstrate that a better future is possible – that it exists right here in East Tennessee.

Our region is home to world-renowned research facilities, nationally-ranked higher ed institutions, our nation’s most visited and biodiverse national park, and a vibrant and prosperous economy. Our region is a collaborative ecosystem rich in innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking practices, full of people who aim to pass on a better world to our children.

By sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences, we’re cultivating a network of change-makers united by a common purpose: to leave a lasting impact on our region. Together, we can reimagine possibilities, elevate sustainable practices, and create a legacy of growth that extends far beyond our campus.

We plan to show what is possible when we build with intention – when we build places that inspire connection.

Support our work through the Keystone Campaign.

We invite you to be a part of our journey. When you choose to support the Keystone Campaign, you are investing in critical education for our future.