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Fostering environments that optimize physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

The intent of the Health + Happiness Petal is to create healthy spaces that allow all species to thrive by connecting people to nature and ensuring that our indoor spaces have healthy air and natural daylight.

– From the Living Building Challenge Standard

We are inspired by:

  • The surrounding pristine ecosystems that provide sustenance and shelter to diverse species.
  • The proven connection between time in nature and mental health benefits.
  • The interconnectedness of the natural world – species living in harmony and in balance with each other.
  • The rich culture of community in Appalachia.
  • Our vast experience helping people find wonder and inspiration in the natural world.

Our approach:

We plan to not only make our buildings a physically safe space free from toxic materials, but to ensure that people feel connected to the space, to nature, and to each other when they visit.

Our methods include:

  • Integrating natural elements and biophilic design into our built structures to foster a sense of calm, wonder, and vitality.
  • Using safe, non-toxic materials in the construction and maintenance of our buildings.
  • Installing operable windows to provide for natural ventilation, testing indoor air quality, and implementing a cleaning protocol that complies with EPA’s Safer Choice label.
  • Continuing our practices of welcoming people with a smile, serving family-style meals, and reserving time for personal and shared reflection during programs.
  • Helping all people feel like they belong.

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