Relying on Renewable Resources

The intent of the Energy Petal is to create new sources of renewable energy that allow projects to operate year-round in a resilient, pollution-free manner. In addition, the Energy Petal prioritizes energy efficiency as a means to reduce wasteful spending, of energy, resources, and capital.

– From the Living Building Challenge Standard

We are inspired by:

  • The abundance of naturally-occurring energy sources in our region, such as solar, wind, and hydro.
  • Our surrounding plant communities, which relies primarily on photosynthesis as a highly-efficient and low-waste method for generating fuel.

Our approach:

We plan to build a safe, resilient and decentralized energy infrastructure powered entirely by renewable resources. We aim to be net-positive, creating more energy that needed.

Our methods include:

  • The installation and use of photovoltaic panels and shingles, coupled with battery storage to create an energy reserve
  • Hyper-efficient appliances, heating and cooling
  • Passive approaches to lighting, heating and cooling buildings
  • Creating a culture of conservation among program participants

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